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If you look down, to the comments section,  you can read the very valid comment from B-TA that I received to my original posting on this topic.  It points out a problem that this reader sees as a cause for the behavior of the 3 types of people discussed in the article that forms part of my original posting.   This reader is spot-on with his point about managers being a large, if not the largest cause for the creation of our three "problem children" mentioned in the original article.  It was always fascinating to me in working with every level of management in an organization that I/we were assisting.  The fact of the matter is, that it was always the very senior executive levels and the very front line supervisors who were literally, always the most welcoming and the most willing to try to make change.  It was almost always everyone in between who delayed, procrastinated, subterfuged, blocked, and stopped any attempt at improvement.  It became apparent to me early in my car


Very recently we've been hearing a great deal about the ubiquitous "pink slip."  It seems it has become a bone of contention in the Republican Presidential primary particularly in the state of New Hampshire, as a result of a recent mis-statement by one of the candidates.  If you think my purpose here is to advise if I will ultimately vote for him or any of the candidates in that party or another, that is not the reason for this posting.  It's purpose is to support the notion that there are certainly time(s) and place(s) for using the pink slip.  Whether it is for the economic survival of the whole or for other reasons, there are times that we need to get rid of insurance companies (as this candidate was referring to) when they are not doing their job for you personally or your for organization.  Other times may be strategic, structural, economic or for reasons of innovation.  I have followed this whole issue for more than 37 years of consulting and it is one that has