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Oh, My Goodness, is it Affect or Effect?

Oh, My Goodness, is it Affect or Effect?? You know it's got to be good when an article is originally written for and posted from and then is reposted to a Harvard Business Review blog.  From there it is posted to a blog and then to my humble publication.  But here it is, a really good piece by Travis Bradberry, the award-winning co-author of the best selling book, "Emotional Intelligence 2.0", entitled "10 Misused Words That Make Smart People Look Stupid." We all have a tendency to throw words around.  They can be big words, important words and many times they are not terribly important words that we run amuck with like--affect or effect.  Bradberry's article and the points he makes in regard to today's millennial's are just as valid as they are with many of today's senior executives as with new hires.  We've lost our ability to be as articulate as we once were.  This occurs in the written as well as the spo