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Creativity, Thinking and Productivity

I remember many years ago when I was doing a project for an advertising agency in New York City and we were told not to have any dealings with "those creative types."  This agency was then known as the world's largest and the most successful.  The client was referring to the people who created the adverts that we see on TV, in print ads, and so forth.  These people, at that time, had offices that were literal castles to their own design.  One person's office was only made up of futons.  No desk, nothing else.  Another was painted chartreuse.  Another was filled with various gaming machines that you would find in a gaming  arcade.  In those days, this all seemed very very strange to me, and I couldn't wrap my mind around how this kind of environment could help anyone do their job, let along help this company with their productivity. Fast forward to today where you see in many companies, whole parts of their facilities set aside for such things as places for the w

The Middle East Crisis and Productivity

We have all seen what is happening with the various uprisings going on in Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Bahrain, and other countries in the Middle East.  None of this should surprise any of us, if we truly understand the power of the Internet and the power of Social Media.  Now you ask what does this have to do with productivity.  Great question.  Imagine if you will, if this kind of power could be turned to improving your marketing, and your sales efforts.  What about with your internal communications to all the people who work with you, your shareholders (if appropriate), your vendors, your customers and so forth.  But you have to be willing at the same time to listen to what is being said, to take action, to listen to the dissenting voices and be prepared to take serious actions, if required,  That takes formidable leadership.  Are you prepared??  If you are prepared, then the productivity increases which then can translate into revenue and profitability increases are probably significant.