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  I recently came across an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled "Elon Musk Decries 'M.B.A.-ization of America' It was written by Patrick Thomas and appeared on December 10, 2020.  Basically the simplified premise of Musk is that there are far too many M.B.A.s running companies who are not as holistic as he thinks they should be.  He feels there are so many that are too involved in financial spreadsheets, board meetings, etc., and not enough 'executives willing to step away from their spreadsheets and get out of the boardroom and onto the factory or business floor.'   Musk goes on to say "there should be more focus on the product or service itself, less time on board meetings, less time on financials." Not surprisingly, the M.B.A. schools disagree.  In this article the schools say nothing could be further from the truth.  They feel the education they provide does these things.  Robert Siegel, a lecturer in management at Stanford Graduate School of
A LOOK INTO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC AND ITS EFFECT ON BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATIONS AROUND THE WORLD AS SEEN IN ONE COMPANY.   The Covid-19 Pandemic has been driving us all crazy for the last 11 months.  Whether you have lost your job, your company/organization, perhaps you have come down with this terrible disease, or you are one of the healthcare providers who are trying to help, it has been one hell of a year.   In any event, those who are trying to keep their businesses afloat during this tragic time are facing monumental situations they never could have possibly imagined, planned for or learned how to deal with.  So in doing my normal daily reading, I came across the following article from the Wall Street Journal. The article is entitled "You Have to Take Jumps."  It was written by Thomas Gryta and appeared December 5, 2020 in The WSJ.  This article details in great depth how an iconic company,  Emerson Electric, Co., and its CEO David Farr dealt with all of the problems an