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Can Your Boss Be Watching You Work From Home?

I never had this problem because we were expected to to own our own laptops.  But, undoubtedly a clear majority of you use company or organization owned devices.   This issue comes up from time to time.  In this pandemic period, many of us are working from home.   Give some thought to what this article speaks to.  This goes to whether it is in the office or off-site.  If it is being done by your boss, is it legal? Is it ethical? Is it moral?  Are you doing something on company time you should not be doing?  Are you being ethical?  Are you being moral?  Are you being honesty? This matter raises a number of questions.  Whatever side you sit on, you will have views.  Strong-held views in many cases,  I would presume.  This article appeared on February 14, 2021 in the New York Times.  Thorin Klosowski simplifies the issue.  Read on: Happy Reading,  Bob