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Starting Back Up On The Road Again!!

Whether or not you agree with the reopening of the economies in your state or country, it seems to be a coming reality.  Ultimately that means that at some point now or in the future, you will probably begin to be back on the road again.  Zoom'ing may exist but those who have worked in most businesses, know that being able to look your client in the eye is still the best way to do business. So, in preparation of being back on the road, the following article appeared in the Wall Street Journal on cleaning your hotel room.  Now most of us would think that the hotel would do that; some will do a great job, some will do an average job and some will do a sub-par job.  We all at one time or another have been in a 4 or 5 star hotel and still found a situation of less than the cleanliness we expected. So to provide you with some thoughts on this subject, I thought this article was timely.

ZoomBombing #2

 My last post was on the same subject Zoombombing.  There are some great activities occurring here like groups of singers from the Met Opera in New York to others doing jazz, etc.  All of which are intended to keep our moods up.  Other use Zoom for taking care of business.  I recently came across this series of simple steps in the New York Times to follow which should help you truly avoid being bombed.  Take a good view and see if you are following all the steps to avoid this problem in your meetings and or virtual events. Talk to you all soon.  Stay safe, stay healthy and stay sane.