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Listening to the Great Ideas of your Employees!!

On Tuesday, February 7, 2012, the Wall Street Journal had a great article entitled, "Boeing Teams Speed Up 737 Output."  The link for this article is: Boeing Teams Speed Up 737 Output Jet Maker's Innovation Crews Search for Ways to Streamline Production as Aircraft Demand Soars By DAVID KESMODEL RENTON, Wash.—As Boeing Co. strives to lift production of its best-selling 737 jetliner to meet surging airline demand, it is turning to workers like Jay Dohrmann to streamline work. Mr. Dohrmann, a brawny, 46-year-old engineer at the 737 plant here, is part of an extensive effort the company has underway to rally employees for ways to make its jets more efficiently and avoid expanding its factories and its costs. These innovation teams are growing as Boeing seeks to increase output of the narrow-body, workhorse plane by as much as 71%.


I was recently reading an article in Business Insider by Kim Bhasin.  It's link is   Bhasin suggests that information overload costs U.S. companies $650 billion each year.  Now I can only imagine that the number is huge, but I thought to myself that was huge, so I reviewed Bhasin interesting article.  It is done in an info-graphic style.  If you review the total set of statistics provided and then you seriously give thought to the email's you deal with each and every day, the tweets you may process, the Facebook contributions you "like" or "unlike", the blogs you check out, the data sent to you from Sales, from Accounting, from your boss, from your peers, from your direct reports, and so forth, and then you determine how much of that you really really needed to see, deal with and/or process, and then you multiply that by the number of people working in