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My last few blog posts have dealt with various aspects of the pandemic and Covid-19.  I have more to write but just as at home, I think we are all getting tired of this subject.  Therefore to freshen things up just a bit, today's post is on a completely different subject.   I came across this article during the high point of the pandemic here in the USA and I just held on to it, until now.  I think it is that important. Do you know who some consider to be "The World's Top Executive Coach?" The info on this person  can be found in this Wall Street Journal article by Sam Walker. You may be surprised by this author's choice.  After reading the article, it makes complete sense.  Having lived in England for a year and working there from time to time since 1985, I can relate to Walker's choice.   Take a moment and read about this person and perhaps you will join in on the acclaim. Hope you have a great day. Bob  


  Are you ready?  Here are some new words and expressions you should learn something about as work begins to shift from remote facilities to hybrid or to physical locations.                 Well Building Standards                  Data Driven Capacity Planning                 Micro-mobility                                   Workspace Flexibility              QR Codes                                               Office Hot Desks                 Collaboration Equity                         Neighborhoods And these are just a few of the changes you might have to deal with.  Christopher Mims writing for the  Wall Street Journal attempts to help us all understand our new frontiers.  You can read his full article here.   Before you begin scrambling consider these issues and numbers:        There are 48% of available jobs unfilled.         40%  of workers would rather quit than return to work in a physical facility        27% of participants in one survey said they want to continue working on