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THAT G-D @#$%&$# Boss of Mine!!!!

THAT G-D @#$%&$# Boss of Mine!!!! Ah!!  Now don't tell me there hasn't been a time that you haven't had thoughts like that.  Well maybe not using those exact words, but words that clearly express your dislike for your boss.  Tell the truth, we've all had them at one point in our lives. Well Sue Shellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal has done it again in her indomitable style, with another of her great articles.  In this one, "The Best Ways to Manage a Demanding Boss."  Ms. Shellenbarger is one of the most incisive authors at the Journal.  I always try to read her columns!  If you don't you should. I remember my first boss on my first full-time job out of graduate school.  We'll just call him by his initials, DB.  I hated him. He was the most demanding, intractable men I had ever met or dealt with.  Now the truth was -- this was my first job and I hadn't met that many bosses before.  So in reality he was actually pretty mild.  What he wa

Innovation and Productivity

The salmon colored newspaper, the Financial Times, the international version of the Wall Street Journal, recently reported that those companies who maintain their innovative practices have continued to be the most productive over the past 10 years, particularly in the services sector.  And guess what, those that have not been innovative have lost their productivity causing a widening the gap between the two groups of companies.  The innovative companies were referred to as the "frontiers" by the FT and those who were not as the "laggards."  Appropriate, huh!! Stay tuned!! 1/19/2017 Bob