We all need to do a better job of listening.  Whether it is a political matter, a business matter, a personal matter or something in the news, we all need to do a better job with this important topic.

The recent issue of listening certainly came into being with the CEO of the Crossfit brand.  He spoke with numerous people in this business and apparently did not hear, did not listen or did not want to hear what they were saying.  I wasn't there so I don't implicitly know.  But since then he has resigned as the CEO.  Why?  Basically all because he was not listening.

My sister and I are basically polar opposites when it comes to politics, but over the last few years we have both tried much harder to listen to the other's thought and ideas on many topics.  Some we will never agree upon, but some, interestingly enough we found that we could agree on with each other.  All it took was some listening.

I was recently going through my archive of articles that I thought were important.  One caught my eye in the context of this subject.  It is an Opinions piece by Kate Murphy from the New York Times newspaper.  In the actual paper version, i is called "Lessons in the Lost Art of Listening."  It has a slightly different name in the digital version but they are both the same article.  I have included the link for you to review.  Please do it as it may help all of us.


Bob Jacobson, MPS, CSBC

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  1. My brother and I work hard to avoid losing our connection over our differences. I love this from the NYT article..."We are, each of us, the sum of what we attend to in life." The quote reminds me to listen more carefully to those that disagree, ask more questions, and thoughtfully choose "what (I) attend to in life."